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13.02.2005, 11:14

I got an toshiba satellite 1670 and have bought me an wifi pcmcia card to the computer. I uses windows XP Pro on my computer.

The installation of the card goes fine and the card works fine according to the computer. But it doesn't want to connect to anything and if it connect it dont get any information it just goes down 1 mbit on the signals.

This is an linksys wifi card. And i have tested the card in other computers and there it works just fine.

Does anybody now what might be wrong here?
Please help me..


15.02.2005, 10:15

How did you try to establish wireless connection? DO you use Windows to configure wireless network settings or some another application?

18.02.2005, 08:27
Hi Barrie,

I tried to establish te wireless connection with windows networks settings, and i have tried to use the software that was included for the card. But without any luck.


18.02.2005, 15:43
Hi again

Which software is included with wireless card? If you want to use it you must disable “Use windows to configure my wireless …” setting.

19.02.2005, 09:57
Hi again
The software that is included with my wireless card is the drivers, and a client to connect to internet. But this one is just for other os than xp. But i have already tried to use this one and not windows configuration but i doesnt make any difference.

22.02.2005, 10:48

What is with “internet Connection Firewall”? Try to use wireless card with both settings.