View Full Version : Satellite U200-115: Vista found new device - PCMCIA MTD-002

08.06.2007, 10:54
Booted up my notebook and am getting a Vista found new hardware screen looking for the drivers for a "PCMCIA MTD-002" device. Have no idea what this is...but I am certain that I haven't used the PCMCIA slot since I got the computer. Any ideas?



13.06.2007, 15:04

Satellite U200 is known to me but I didnít try to install Vista on this notebook. Have you installed all listed drivers on Toshiba download page for Vista?

13.06.2007, 15:42
One more thing:

Have you updated BIOS before Vista OS installation?

04.08.2007, 12:03
Hey emul,

I got the about the same problem with my Satellite Pro U200. After rebooting from "sleeping-mode" Vista is looking for a driver for the new found device PCMCIA MTD-0002, although there is no card installed.

Did you get your problem solved in some way up to now?


04.08.2007, 15:24
I have no problems at all under Vista. Did both of you update the BIOS to version 3.70? This device must be the cardreader. Did you install the Drivers for the cardreader (Flash Media Device)?

04.08.2007, 16:52
My Bios is still Version 3.40 as it was and I did not update any driver up to now. Did you update them? Do you think there is any relevant difference between Satellite U200 and Satellit Pro U200?


04.08.2007, 16:56
Another interesting fact is perhaps, that the "new device"-problem appears not after booting or using standby-mode, but only after using this "sleeping"/"Hibernation" mode.

04.08.2007, 17:13
Another thing I just remarked is that the Texas Instruments IEEE 1394 Hostcontroler has been automatically deactivated and cannot be reactivated.

As the PCMCIA Controler, it is from TI. But I cannot find any drivers from TI?

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04.08.2007, 19:56
You have to Upgrade the BIOS. Thats your problem. Everything below version 3.60 is not fully Vista compatible.