View Full Version : Can not install 'Common modules' on my Portege 2000

04.06.2007, 20:58
I try to install "Common Modules Toshiba V.6.01.00" on my Portege 2000 with XP Proffesional and SP2, but "Unable to ACPI Name Space! GNS.exe terminated." error appears 5 times, before laptop show me Next button and when i push "This is not and ACPI System" It's not possible to install ACPI device of toshiba" error appears and close the "Common Modules Toshiba V.6.01.00" application.

I've not Recovery CD's of the laptop, so i install and standard Windows XP Pro with SP2 and install the drivers that i download from Toshiba's Web without problem except Standard floppy driver that i don't forget any drivers and if i diasble usb floppy emulation doesn't disappear.

I read a lot of information in forum, but i don't know what is the problem i only know that functions keys and many Toshiba application don't work because i can't install "common modules".


08.06.2007, 13:35

I think the preinstalled XP service pack 2 could be the reason for this issue.
On the Toshiba page you will find a Microsoft Windows XP SP2 Update information! Read the whole document!!!!
Seems you have to update some applications if you want to run the OS correctly!

The EHCI controller must be updated and many other! Check it!!!

Please donít forget to install the display drivers! In my knowledge it includes the chipset driver too.