View Full Version : Tecra 8200 won’t start (blank screen)

12.02.2005, 20:28

A friend of mine has asked me to help her with Tecra 8200 – her notebook with WinXP/SP1 installed was sluggish. Being a gentleman, I’ve accepted a call, and reinstalled WinXP Pro (originally, this model was shipped with Win98SE). Installation went right, but I’ve noticed error entries in System Log regarding BIOS ACPI compliance (once, each time upon machine startup). I continued, installed SP1, successfully, but the ACPI problem remained. Everything else was fine (all HW detected, and appropriate (Microsoft/default) drivers installed). I was thinking of checking for a new BIOS release on Toshiba’s site, but I left BIOS update procedure for some other occasion.

Then, being intrigued with a problem, I have "cleverly" decided to actually test ACPI, so I put notebook in standby. And, that was it: now, machine doesn’t want to start! The screen is blank, HDD is not spinning up, CPU fan is silent… Power button is operational, but all I get is Power LED lit up… Frustrating! I have tried to revive the machine with standard emergency procedure (switching off, and then back on, taking out battery pack, pressing various key combinations to enter BIOS setup…) but accomplished NOTHING.

Searching posted notes on this forum, I have come only to one conclusion: "hardware malfunction – take your notebook to ASP".

Is there anything else I could try?

Thnks, in advance.

14.02.2005, 11:59
Hi Igor

All you tried was right but if there is no possibility to enter BIOS something is obviously faulty.

Sorry but it can really be some hardware problem.