View Full Version : T8000: overheating!!

12.02.2005, 18:10
I use a T8000. I noted that while the fan works at start-up and when connected to the main, it does not switch on during battery use.
So, the machine gets HOT! With SpeedFan I see the temperature steadily rising. 50-60-70 degrees Celsius.
I am worried because this is certainly not good for the longevity of the CPU.
I have tried 'Full Power' and 'Low Power' but in niether setting does the fan start to work.

So, what is going on?
It seems it is not the fan, as it works.
Is the sensor faulty or the motherboard?
Can this be repaired?

Thanks for advice.

14.02.2005, 11:40

First of all try to change cooling performance settings.

You should be very careful with this. Before happened something very bad contact service partner. They can check it and if necessary replace all defect parts.

Everything can be repaired.