View Full Version : Modem problems with XP Pro

12.02.2005, 13:18
I have upgraded to XP Pro and cannot create a dial-up connection as this option is not available to me. I have checked Microsoft's support pages and enabled dial up as suggested using regedit.
Still no difference. So I am assuming that the modem or modem settings are the problem.

In Control Panel, if I go to Phone and modem options, I see "Toshiba Software modem AMR COM4" yet, if I go to Modem settings in the Control Panel, I get the message that the modem is not installed properly and that I should uninstall and re-install. I have done this several times with no success.

It's driving me mad - can anyone help?

12.02.2005, 17:26
Hey ,

From which OS did you upgrade from , what is the model of the computer ?

13.02.2005, 12:35
Hi it's a Satellite Pro A10 EN

13.02.2005, 12:54
Sorry! forgot to mention - upgraded from XP Home edition

23.05.2005, 15:35

I suppose that your unit is not preinstalled with Toshiba Recovery CD because in this case it should work properly.

The only thing that I can recommend you is to reinstall modem driver using adequate driver. You can find it on Tools CD or you can find it on the Toshiba site too. Go to Support & downloads. Please remove the modem from device manager again and restart the notebook. The modem should be recognized and installed properly.