View Full Version : Replacing a keyboard on a Satellite Pro A120

01.06.2007, 11:51
A replacment keyboard came for a Sat Pro A120. It requires replacing due to one of the keycap clip holders been snapped and no longer holding the key in place.

Can anybody guide me through the replacment of the keyboard on this unit please?


05.06.2007, 15:47

Usually something like this should be done by an technician because the replacement of the keyboard could cancel the warranty validity!
The keyboard should be fixed with 2 screws which are hidden under the thin cover above the F1, F2, etc… keys

- Insert your finger tip into the slit on either side and remove the keyboard holder.
- Remove the 2 screws securing the keyboard.
- Lift the top edge of the keyboard while releasing the hook and turn the keyboard
face down on the palm rest.
- Remove the 1 screw and keyboard support plate.
- Disconnect the keyboard cable from the connector CN3230 on the system board and
remove the keyboard.

That’s all. But as said above if you have no experience and don't want to lose the warranty then contact the technician!

05.06.2007, 16:17
Before you start with keyboard replacement be 100% sure that valid warranty will not be canceled. Satellite Pro 120 is one of newest notebook models and it will be very bad to lose valid warranty.