View Full Version : Tecra M2 and wireless network -signal strength issue

12.02.2005, 12:04
Need advice purchasing wireless kit.

I have a DSL phone-line connection and am currently using a Speedtouch USB modem connected to my workstation downstairs.

I have a Toshiba Tecra M2 laptop with building wireless support. I want to be able to share the internet connection that comes into the workstation downstairs. I guess my options for the workstation are to use a wireless DSL modem to share the internet connection or to use a PCI card in the workstation. Iíve tried both.

I first tried setting up an infra mode network with the laptop using a LinksysWAG54G which was connected to the phone-line and workstation. But the problem with that was I couldnít get it to accept the subnet mask that my service provider (Lixxus) supplied (PPoA). That modem has all the SN masks in a drop-down list, but mine isnít in that list. I returned that modem.

I then tried setting up an adhoc network buy buying a PCI wireless card for my workstation and internet connection sharing etc on the workstation. However whilst this worked, and I could see the workstation from my laptop, the problem was the wireless range. The signal faded out when I carried the laptop into the backroom upstairs. This would have been a distance of 10 meters in a straight line between laptop and workstation. There were two brick walls and a floor between the two machines. It seemed hopeless so I returned the PCI card.

Iím unsure what to try next.

Any suggestions what I might try next?

Suggested hardware?

Re signal strength- Could the problem be that the antenna in the Tosh laptop it inadequate - too small ?

14.02.2005, 10:48

I have the same situation at home. The best solution for this is to use wireless router. There you have possibility to connect many desktops or notebooks. In this case configuration for wireless connection is very easy and it works fine. I use it also at home and in front of my house without any problems.