View Full Version : Can't connect the Satellite Pro L series to TV

31.05.2007, 23:52
Hi there

I am having trouble displaying to an external source (LCD TV). When I connect to the TV there is no display. When I press Fn+F5 the only option available is the LCD i.e laptop monitor. I have checked on the driver settings and there is no option to select settings for a secondary/external monitor.

Does anyone know what I need to do so that I can display to external source?

I am using the 15-pin connection with an adaptor to convert to video connection- is this ok or should I be using the S-video connection on the back of my laptop?

Any help would be much appreciated

05.06.2007, 15:52

This TV out option does not appear because you have connected the TV in wrong place.
The TV device should be connected to notebooks s-video port via compatible and supported s-video cable!!!

Then you can use the FN+F5 option to switch the display to the TV device.
Please note: Sometimes the s-video channel must be enabled on the TV!

05.06.2007, 16:15

You should use TV-out port (S-Video cable) and everything should be OK. Test it!

BTW: do not forget to activate this port on your TV. If you do not do this it can happen you will have black and white picture only.

06.06.2007, 01:01
Thanks for the info

I'm sure you're right, although I thought I could connect to external monitor using the 15-pin port and the adaptor I have purchased simply converted this signal into a normal video signal i.e. regardless of the connection I use to the TV, I should be able to select output to external monitor using Fn+F5, but when I press Fn+F5 I dont have any options to choose from e.g. Ext monitor, TV etc?

But I will take your advice and try the S-video connection (although I'm going to have to buy another cable :-( ) but I would rather just connect to the video input on my DVD if I can do this at all as its easier to get to!