View Full Version : Tecra 8200: If I use battery power the moniter brightness drops

31.05.2007, 13:13
I have got a Toshiba tecra 8200 laptop , when i uses it on battery power the moniter brightness drops, i tried to adjust power settings from control panel but there is no option for brightness (win xp)? anybody have idea how to adjust the brightness on battery power?

31.05.2007, 18:17
You will get that with all laptops it's tnot the battery you just need to turn up your brightness.
I had when I had a new laptop so just do that and you will be allright ok

01.06.2007, 00:04
Hi ,

thanks for the reply , but I cannot find any button to adjust the brightness of moniter? There is no option in control panel, is it FN key and then F5 key? Cheers

01.06.2007, 11:09
yes it should be the fn plus one of the f keys. To make sore check in your manual if you do not have one then you can get a down load one from toshiba internet site

01.06.2007, 11:38

If I am remembering well you can define display brightness in Power saver settings. Please start Toshiba Power saver. Check part ‘Running on batteries’. There must be marker profile called ‘NORMAL’. Go to details and click ‘Power saver mode’ tab.

There you will find monitor brightness option. All four options set to maximum level. Now when you use your notebook on battery power supply the monitor brightness will be set to maximum level.

Please test it.

03.06.2007, 17:57
I have the same problem.
A "normal" bright (but lesser bright then my old Laptop) screen, which I cannot adust though it is allready set in the BIOS to be "full bright" (If I am correct)
And running on batterypower, the screen turnes at that rate of brightness, that a concentrated look is nessasarry to see anything on the screen
Thereby, when outledpower is available the screen flickers noticable. And while writing this, the flickering gets more worse desiding me to switch over to batterypower, making working almost impossible...

But first things first, wher can I find that Toshiba power saver, you are talking about?

03.06.2007, 21:24
Hi there,

you can find it here on these sites:


Hope you will find that what you´re searching...


04.06.2007, 21:44
on your toshiba assist or utilities you have a utility power management. if you stil cant find it let me know and i will send it as an attachment. send email address

14.06.2007, 22:51
Thanks every one, I have installed toshiba power software from the website and it is now working fine , brightness adjusted.