View Full Version : Internal Display on TE2000 would not work

27.05.2007, 12:45
I am having a graphics problem.
I can not get a picture on my internal screen but the graphic card woks because I am getting an external screen.

The laptop screen lights up put that is all. I was thinking that it might be the cable which could be the problem.

31.05.2007, 15:01

Here on the forum it is not easy to give any precise diagnostic. The fact is that something is wrong with your LCD display. Please do not do anything alone if you have no experience. I recommend you to contact authorized service and let them check the display.

31.05.2007, 15:21
Hi boris

I found your another threads about the internal display problem and it seems you are looking for a new spare part!

Jimi has posted a link to the page where you can get the right internal display for this TE2000:

Now itís your choice; either you will buy an new or a second hand part


31.05.2007, 18:13
don't get me wromg I now what I am doing I build computers it's just sometime If I am haveing a hard time I like to ask others