View Full Version : Ram upgrade in my Satellite Pro A100 (PSAA3E) was not recognized

Chelsea Rob
27.05.2007, 11:21
I have a Pro A100 (PSAA3E) with single 512MB RAM.

I added another identical stick but only 1 was recognised.
Each stick is recognised singly in either slot but never as 1GB together. So, both sticks are ok and both slots are ok!!

How can I fix this so both are recognised??

28.05.2007, 09:37
Did you use one which was recommended by Toshiba???
Seems both modules are not compatible together… hmmm sounds very strange.

How did you upgrade the memory???
You should disconnect all cables and remove the battery. Then install the memory modules and enter the BIOS. There you should check if the memory was increased and set the BIOS to the default. Don’t forget to safe the settings!!!

Good luck

Chelsea Rob
28.05.2007, 13:55
Yes, followed the correct procedure.

The original stick is a Samsung 512MB 2Rx16 PC2 - 4200s DDR2. The upgrade was via Crucial.com who "guaranteed" compatibility. The new stick is 512MB 1Rx16 PC2 - 4200s DDR2.