View Full Version : After Linux installation my notebook can not boot up properly

totaly confused
22.05.2007, 20:28
OK so I installed Linux ubunto and I was double booting with my standard version of Win when me and my friend tried to just go back to Windows we restored it back to the original with the backup disk only problem is that now the program (GRUB) that loads when you choose your operating system is still on the computer.

It gives me an error 22 message every time... I was told I need to reset the master boot record or something like that but I do not know how so if someone plz could help me?

That would be greatly appreciated!

23.05.2007, 12:35
Your MBR (Master Boot Record) contains GRUB loader. You must recover its original contents.

For win95/98/me you use "fdisk /mbr" with a startup disk.
With win2000/xp you boot into the recovery console using the installation CD and type fixmbr