View Full Version : WXP ethernet controller driver for Sat Pro A100-02Y (PSAAPE)

22.05.2007, 14:14
As Gipsyman has quite rightly pointed out, I have posted this twice, but since the first post I have found the driver for the mass storage device but haven't found any drivers listed for the Ethernet Controller for XP pro, so therefore with no solution I'm asking the question again and please give people chance to reply this time before closing the thread !
Does anyone know the make of the ethernet card for this notebook. I'm looking for a driver for it so that it'll work with WXP. The ones on this site only offer Vista based ones.

22.05.2007, 14:50
May Im wrong but in my knowledge the Satellite Pro A100 PSAAPE uses an Intel Ekron-R (82562GZ) LAN chipset.
In such case you should search on the Intel page for the compatible drivers ;)

22.05.2007, 14:58
I found it!!!!! ;)

Intel 82562EZ Fast Ethernet Controller (http://downloadcenter.intel.com/Product_Filter.aspx?ProductID=1702&lang=eng)

22.05.2007, 16:11
Nice one mate, it works but 'my device manager' is still showing a conflict 'Ethernet Controller'

23.05.2007, 15:01
Maybe because the downloaded driver was designed for 82562EZ Lan chip and your use 82562GZ chipset.
But it works. So be happy ;)