View Full Version : How to run external monitor and Portege S100 together

22.05.2007, 13:19
I'm trying to add a second monitor to my S100. But I can't get the second monitor and laptop display to work at the same time. (Display settings only ever 'sees' one monitor.)

Other forums on this site suggest this is something to do with the factory presets. But I can't find out how to change these on my system. Any ideas? I'm running Windows Vista Home Premium.

22.05.2007, 13:41

Usuallyy you can switch between the display devices by using the FN+F5 key function.
Did you test this function?

22.05.2007, 18:20
As far as I know this notebook is not delivered with Vista OS and if you want to have ‘factory settings’ it must be like on ‘first day’ after purchasing. That means you must use recovery image and install it again (Windows XP Professional).

Portege S100 is not Vista supported and unfortunately you will not be able to find all tools on Toshiba download page that allows you to use FN+F5 key combination like under WXP.