View Full Version : No sound is coming out from the speaker

19.05.2007, 13:03
I am a novice. I can't hear any sound from my speakers, not even when I turn my laptop on. There are no mute selections on my sound / volume control.

19.05.2007, 21:57

Did you ever had sound with your machine? A try would be to reinstall your system with the recovery CD. Just backup your important files and then just make a recovery.
After that you should have sound.


25.05.2007, 15:18
I am having the same problem. Brand new Sat P100-434 on Vista. No problem with sound until last night. Watching something on MSNBC and then no sound. Nothing works. Volume is up, devices say they are working properly, headphones don't work either. Very frustrating! What can it be? Is it fixable? Help!

25.05.2007, 17:22
Check with FN+ESC if speakers are set to MUTE option.

25.05.2007, 17:47
I checked that, it wasn't the problem. Just did a System Restore and the sound is back. I also uninstalled Real Player, will re-install that later on. System Restore did the business now, fingers crossed. Have no idea what caused the problem. Hope it doesn't come back!

25.05.2007, 18:09
Hi Carrie

Thanks for the feedback!!!

25.05.2007, 21:23
I spoke too soon!!! :( :( Sound came back just fine, re-installed Real Player, and not long after the sound went again. Went to System Restore again but the previous earlier point was now gone - and no other System Restores could get the sound back.

So I know the sound works, it's a conflict somewhere - where, I am not sure. Probably with Real Player but even with it uninstalled, the sound doesn't come back, so if it is RP, whatever it did to tweak the sound doesn't get undone with an uninstall?

Very frustrating. It looks like my Norton is corrupted too, which may be a virus but I am not sure yet. And I have only had this computer a week!!!! :( Very unhappy at the moment. Do not want to have to re-install everything and re-load all files and programs I just spent the last few days doing, especially if the same thing will happen again!

Any tips or ideas or if it is a Vista problem or what, please let me know!

26.05.2007, 00:08
I've done a system scan and it says there are corrupt files that can't be fixed.

How can a new computer already have corrupted files? :( :(

26.05.2007, 20:42
Hi there,

maybe your HDD is faulty? Did you tried to scan not your filesystem, then your HDD with an tool which is running outside of windows?
I suggest you to try the "UBCD4WIN", just google for that word, download the image and burn it, so with this CD you can boot and test your hardware.

Maybe this helps?