View Full Version : Satellite Pro A100-02Y (PSAAPE): Need XP drivers for LAN

18.05.2007, 11:19
Having just recently purchased a Toshiba Sat Pro A100-02Y (PSAAPE) It came with Vista pre installed which I deleted and placed with a copy of XP.

I've downloaded and installed all the drivers for XP but have Ethernet and Mass Storage Controller conflicts and can't seem to find the drivers to correct this.

Can anybody help please.

Thanks in advance

20.05.2007, 19:49
Well thanks for that, your support was overwhelming. :(

20.05.2007, 20:04
Hi there,

I donīt know what your problem is, thats not a real time support board where are sitting 10 technicians from toshiba and waiting to
be asked. We are just normal people where one is helping another one.

So, your comment was useful, NOT! ;)

And now regarding your problem:

A mass storage controller is usually a RAID-Controller or something else and the word ether-"net" is self-explainable.. :)

Try it here, I found the drivers for my machine at my Vista-to-XP-performance @ home. :O
(Itīs the canadian toshiba site)

Hope you have luck and find something.