View Full Version : How to enable a microphone on a Satellite Pro A120-161?

12.05.2007, 15:12
Specs: Satellite Pro A120-161, previously Win XP Pro, now Vista Business.

The microphone is working in Skype etc. The sound is coming in to a computer and recording is fine (I can play stuff I recorded before).

But I cannot get the computer to play the sounds from the microphone in the real time (like for karaoke). There is no mixer for the device called microphone, I cannot regulate it, nor unmute it (it doesn work in both OS'es). It was easily done on the other laptop I had...

Any suggestions?

13.05.2007, 20:34
Hi again, :)

which audio chip is installed on your machine? Maybe you should try to install the latest driver for your soundcard and watch out for some options where you can modify the microphone settings?

If you cannot find the appropriate drivers, then try it here:


14.05.2007, 15:17
thanks swordbreaker,

sound card is Realtek (at least it's what system shows), i don't know what particular chip is inside, I have installed the driver from the Toshiba DVD which was sent to me along with Vista upgrade, so it should be a correct and the latest one (i was searching for an upgrades, but there is no such laptop model on the website you provided)

I am just wondering if this functionality is even possible in this model, I mean some soundcards have no ability to transfer the sound from the microphone to the speakers directly, I just wanted to confirm with other Satellite Pro A120-161 owners that they experience the same thing...


15.05.2007, 10:51

I am pretty sure you use external mic because according the specification your Sat Pro has no internal one. I can not test it on my notebook but I am pretty sure you will not be able to send sound to the speakers directly.

Have you used internal or external mic on your previous notebook model?

15.05.2007, 11:42
Yes, it is an external microphone. My old notebook have had Realtek AC'97 soundcard. I was using the same external microphone and there were no problems with streaming directly to the speakers - there was an option in Windows Volume Mixer to unmute the mic (the thing even worked with the standard Windows drivers).
This is the first time when I experienced such an issue, all the most lousy soundcards in the computers I used before had the ability to forward the microphone signal directly to the speakers.