View Full Version : Satellite Pro A100 PSAASE: How to get FN Hotkeys working under Win XP

09.05.2007, 10:55

I've bought the Satellite Pro A100 PSAASE-00H004GR and have killed Win Vista. Now it's Windows XP Pro!

There were no Win XP Modem Drivers on the Toshiba Page for that model but I solved that problem by myself.
But now my Hotkey/Fn Buttons doesn't work and i've no idea what to do. I've tried Hotkey Utilities from other models but it doesn't work.

Any idea what to do now???

A complete Driver Support for each model would be great...

Thank you

09.05.2007, 13:01
Hi I found the Toshiba Hot Keys utility for Satellite Pro A100 PSAA3.
This is not the same series but try to install it. Maybe it will work!

Donít forget to install also the Common Modules