View Full Version : Portege 4000 powers down after 20 mins

06.05.2007, 12:47
My Portege 4000 turns off abruptly after about 20 minutes, sometimes it holds our for 30-40 mins.
It then won't power back on for a few hours.

Here's what I've tried, and it still happens:
-On AC, with and without battery
-With a different (identical) AC apator
-Unplugged running on battery
-Held at BIOS screen (incase it was a Windows issue)

The fan is working, although it doesn't feel very powerful.
And the power LED is flashing an error code (how can I decode this?).

Although I don't really use it very much, I really don't want to junk my little Portege.
Any ideas?

07.05.2007, 14:39

It sounds like a notebook overheating… if the temperature is too high the notebook shuts down to prevent the hardware from damage…

But the flashing error code is unusual. In my knowledge the long means 1 and short 0
Then you will get a number like for example this: 0001 0001 because of LSB (least significant bit) you have to read from behind 1000 1000 then convert it in HEX. That’s all
Check also this:

But listen buddy… I think you should contact the service technician… the guy should check this notebook… the fault is a little bit strange

12.05.2007, 21:52
Yes, I agree with Jaba, if I were you I would contact an ASP an give them my machine to check on hardware failures.

Your problem sounds really weird, so don´t wait.