View Full Version : Satellite M70-144: Monitor/Graphic card problem on Linux

03.05.2007, 18:53
As topic says I got problem with starting the Xserver on my linux partition on my laptop.
I have tried several different distros but noone seems to be any better.

I got Fedora Core 6 on it now and I atleast get the terminal so I can edit the Xorg.conf file and I have download the lastest drivers for my graphic card a x700 Radeon. But nothing seems to be any improvement of the black screen when trying to start X.

Anyone else have the same problem and fixed or know any good howtos?

04.05.2007, 23:07
I do not have an M70. But a good trick is to get Knoppix. Knoppix is a bootable CD so you can run linux without installing anything. I have had a few times where I could not get some hardware working, but Knoppix could. By looking at what drivers Knoppix used, I could get it working in my Linux installation.

You can get Knoppix here: http://www.knopper.net/knoppix-mirrors/index-en.html Burn it on a CD and boot from it.

If your software does not allow to write ISO-files, then get http://infrarecorder.sourceforge.net/

05.05.2007, 10:09
Yeah, this knoppix rocks! I use it since last yearīs august and Iīve installed it permanently on my HDD. It runs smoothly and much better than M$ WIN for me.
So, if anyone asks for MS Applications... VMWare do the trick. ;)

Hope more people are using linux, itīs a nice system with much less faults like other OSīes from great companies.