View Full Version : Satelite Pro L100 doesn't start on switching on

03.05.2007, 16:45
I live in UAE.
My friend in UK got me this laptop and it doesn't start on switching it on. However, if i remove the battery pack and put it back again its just try to start up the lights blink and it goes off again.

I tried with out battery just plugging in the battery power jack , when the power jack is inserted it tries to start up and goes off again. Then if i remove the jack and put it in again the system tries to start up but goes off.

Can u just let me know what must be wrong and how can i sort it out?

04.05.2007, 09:28
Hi Maly

Sorry to said it but it looks like a hardware problem and it’s not easy to say what could be wrong without checking the single notebook parts.
It could be everything… motherboard malfunction or CPU fault….
Maybe a power supply electronic malfunctions….

However, I don’t think that you will be able to solve this problem by yourself and will get the notebook running without any additional help.

You should really contact the service point in your country to get more details…
Good luck