View Full Version : Memory upgrade on Portege 4000

01.05.2007, 14:12
I bought memory to upgrade my Portege 4000 (128mb SDRAM SODIMM 144pin) when I installed this in the empty slot and turned on laptop the green light at the top came on, the power led but nothing booted and no noise to suggest anything had booted either!

I took this new module out and left the original in there and it booted perfectly. Does anyone know what the problem is?

Please help!
Thanks in advance !

02.05.2007, 15:55
Itís a clear case dudeÖ either the memory module is faulty or you use a not compatible and not supported one!!!!
The Portege 4000 supports max 1024MB (2x512MB) memory.
I think you should try the Toshiba recommended memory SDRAM modules like these:
PC133 512MB (PA3108U-1M51)
PC133 256MB (PA3086U-1M25)
PC133 128MB (PA3085U-1M12)

Good luck