View Full Version : Tecra 9100: After CD/DVD drive upgrade IDE #1 error apears

27.04.2007, 12:11

I`m happy user of Toshiba laptops, and I like my Tecra even is quite old. My configuration is a PIVm 2.0Ghz, and a few day I have changed the HDD. This is NOT THE PROBLEM.

Now I have a 80Gb Seagate HDD and is working just fine. Tow days ago I have bought a DVD-RW, H-L Data Storage (Hitachi-LG) GWA-4082N, originaly from a other notebook.

When I boot the IDE #1 ERROR message is displayed. In windows is working fine, recognized as Secondary Slave PIO mode only. I'm electronis so, I have searcehd the web and found some solutions.

I have readed about C-SEL and inverted MAster/Slave issue. I have downloaded a firmware for Toshiba, same version for my DVD but nothing. I think is for Toshiba but not for this model. So I have tried jumper solution to short pins 45 & 47. 47 pin is something Sync/Cable select and 45 is GND same as 48.

The solution is half good. I have started the laptop and is working, no more IDE ERROR. Now in windows is Secondary Master and UDMA Mode. Working just fine....

THE PROBLEM: is that I turn off the laptop, take out the DVD, Battery and the AC and when I have reconected all back, the IDE #1 ERROR is sown again :(((. So, is working but sometimes is not. What is the problem? Even with the pins 45 & 47 the message is shown. I have readit that the pins 35, 36 is something CSEL0, CSEL1...

I must do more shorts? Or where I can find a good firmware for my drive or software to midy the firmware...

Thank you for reading this post and hope that you can help me!

27.04.2007, 16:22

As you already know not every ODD is compatible with a notebook because of the master /slave and c-sel settings.
These settings are controlled by a firmware… and mostly but not always such firmware can be found on the drive manufacture sites.

I don’t think that you will find such firmware on the Toshiba site. It’s recommend to buying the right drive but not to flash the firmware.

Anyway, I found also the instruction about connecting the pin 45 and 47 together.
This is a temporally solution and not advisable because it could damage the other pins.

28.04.2007, 16:30
I don't think it is a temporary solution. With pin 47 connected to one of the ground pins (like 45, 48), the drive should work well permanently. I have several Toshiba computers (Tecra 9000, Tecra 9100 and Portege M100), which work with a third-party drive (with pin 47 connected to the ground) since some years. Recently I have put a Pioneer DVR-K16 in a Tecra 9100. If IDE#1 error comes back, I think it is simply because the short between pin 47 and the ground has become loose.

28.04.2007, 20:58
Thanks for the hint, I´ve planned to upgrade my ODD in my tecra 9100.



30.04.2007, 17:25
I've doublechecked the joints, everything is fine, I had cleaned the contacts and everything is o.k. I hope... Is not a major problem. The DVD works ok and no errors on write. If someone want's the correct description of 47&45 pins, just post replay and I will post it. Thank you for answears!

01.06.2007, 05:28
I get the IDE #1error message on my Satellite A15-S127. I can not use the CD/Rom bay at all. How can I fix this problem as you have done with your situation?

You will have to explain the pin thing.
Thanks Jerry

27.07.2007, 23:05
could you send me diagram that you used to connect the two pins on the odd. thanks

20.08.2007, 23:06
Hi Andy

I would be gratefull for any info on these connections as I am experiencing problems fitting a dvd drive in my Tecra 8100, also any tips would be appreciated as i am quite new to this sort of thing.
regards Trevor

11.10.2007, 14:38
Do not recommend to connect any pins together. This procedure can damage the CD/DVD drive interface. The IDE #1 error appears because the master/slave or c-sel settings are wrong and the notebooks BIOS cannot recognize the drive.
Usually such settings cannot be changed on internal notebooks drive. The firmware controls it. In such cases it’s better to replace the drive as to change the pin assignment and to risk an drive damage.