View Full Version : Screen resolution on my Tecra 8000

05.02.2005, 13:36

I have a toshiba tecra 8000 laptop with windows xp.

The pc started with 800 x 600 the wrong resolution (i had black spaces beside my screen, all sides) so i turned it in windows to 1024 x 768 whitch works perfect. Now the screen is fully filled with urz.. screen :)


It only seems to be changed in windows. When i start a game or some other program it starts in a small 800 x 600 (?) or some other resolution and leaves black spaces. When i start the laptop the resolution is also wrong (u see the dos (?) tekst starting somewhere close to the middle of the screen) its only changed in windows :(

how can i solve this problem (if it has something to do with the bios or something... hope you can tell me how to solve this problem!

i would be very happy

07.02.2005, 12:29

Please check stretch function in the BIOS and try it again.