View Full Version : Portege 3500: OS freezes after new HDD upgrade

26.04.2007, 11:07
I have a problem with new hdd - Seagate Momentus 100 Gb 7200rpm ATA - and...
instalator starts normally (from recovery CD or OEM CD) and when partitioning is startis - system is halted... blue screen

HDD is ok - tested on another notebook
Notebook is ok - instalator and windows works, tested on 2 HDD (40 and 60 gb, both IBM)

It's possible, that this new hard drive is not compatybille with this notebook ??

Please help, becouse it;s my boss notebook :(

P.S. - sorry for may english

26.04.2007, 14:13

Are you sure the HDD was recognized correctly in the BIOS???
Seems the notebook does not support the new HDD (100GB, 7200rpm).

Possibly because of the big HDD size and the fast rotation value.
I would try to use a an 60GB 5400rpm… maybe a 80GB HDD could works but it seems that the 100GB HDD is not compatible

26.04.2007, 15:35
Everything is possible. I also presume that 100GB is not recognized properly and that this HDD is not compatible one. I recommend you to check with other 100GB HDD from other manufacturer.