View Full Version : Tecra 8100 not booting after replacing hinge !?!

Katmarini Dusan
25.04.2007, 12:14
Few days ago hinges on my Tecra 8100 get broken - I had take apart whole laptop and replace hinges. When I finished replacing and try to boot up I didn't get anything on screen. Led diodes light are on for: Power, battery, CD ROM (there's no led for HDD).
I must accent that I had problem with memory slots (from last year) and that I have resolved that problem by sticking a piece of paper between contacts (as anyone else).

26.04.2007, 12:01

Who knows what you did…. At first blush it seems you have connected the display not correctly.
But it could be also something wrong with the memory banks.

It’s not advisable to put anything between memory and slot contacts!!!!
If you use compatible memory modules, everything should works correctly!!!!

If you are not able to localize the fault I would recommend contacting a technician who has more experience with notebook reparations as a common user like me and you…

Katmarini Dusan
26.04.2007, 18:09
I think that display isn't problem couse I've try to connect external display (nothing on the screen). Inserting paper sticks is only way to resolve problem with bad contact between memory and slot (that is the main reason why are notebooks are really big S..T), memory module is original Toshiba. I have my own service center for servicing desktop computers but my service don't work with notebooks and that is the reason why I don't have expirience repairing notebooks.

I can't understand why led for HDD isn't blinking! Led for CD ROM do - but I can't open CDROM by eject key. Is it something with IDE controlers?

26.04.2007, 18:30
Hi Dusan

To give you precise ‘diagnostic’ about your problem is simply ‘mission impossible’. Disassembling/assembling procedure must be done in right order and using maintenance manuals with exact described procedure how to do this.

According to your description I presume some cable is not connected properly.