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04.02.2005, 19:34
I have a Tecra 8200 running Windows 2000. I have run all the latest OS updates. I have set up the built in Lucent Wifi card and can communicate Ad-Hoc with another toshiba laptop using a Belkin 54g wifi card. After a few minutes of inactivity however, the Tecra 8200 can no longer access the remote machine. The only way access can be restored is for the remote machine to Ping the IP address of the 8200.I have had the same problem with several remote machines and several Belkin cards, so I now suspect the problem lies with the Tecra 8200.Can anyone help?

07.02.2005, 10:34

Do you use Toshiba “Toshiba Wireless LAN Client Manager” and “Wireless LAN Client Manager” to configure peer-to-peer connection?

07.02.2005, 11:11
Hi Quad.
Thank you for taking the time to reply.
Yes I am using “Toshiba Wireless LAN Client Manager” and “Wireless LAN Client Manager” to configure peer-to-peer connection. It is the only software I have ever attempted to use on this machine as I don't know of any other.

Client Manager Utility reports as being Variant 1, Version 1.34.

Driver is NDIS 5 Miniport driver, Variatn 1, Version 6.25

The card reports as being an Embedded Silver Card Variant 2, version 1.02.

Primary functions firmware is v 4.04 and station functions firmware is v 6.14.

All above is from the Client Manager Help Box.

09.02.2005, 15:48

Try to test functionality of wireless card connecting to some another data source (e.g. access point) .It will be interesting to know if there is some success.

In my opinion it can not be problem of notebook. Are you configured profile in Wireless LAN Client Manager (Peer-to-peer group)? Check the network name. It must be the same for both notebooks (member of domain or workgroup).