View Full Version : Lost audio after Vista upgrade on a Satellite Pro A120 PSAC1E

22.04.2007, 19:52

I've just upgrade to vista and i've lost my audio. I've tried all the latest drives, still no luck. The pc says the driver is installed and the device is working correctly but i cant hear nothing. Volume is 100% also.

Any ideas?

23.04.2007, 17:56
Well, first of all how should someone provide any tips if you donít write anything about you notebook name!!!???
So please provide more details about your notebook!

I have noticed the same issue on the Sat U200. After upgrade from XP to Vista there was no sound but the audio driver was installed properly and audio chipset was also recognized correctly.

After long investigation I have found a solution here in the forumÖ.
Firstly it was important to increase the sound volume to max with installed XP. Whole sound controls should be also set to max.
After new Vista installation be sure that you use the RIGHT sound driver.
Not all drivers work!

25.04.2007, 21:27
sorry i should of said, its a Satelite pro A120 PSAC1E.

26.04.2007, 23:58
After a clean install, still no luck. Phoned Toshiba and they sent a link to sort out a mute problem which did nothing, so still no audio. Even tried the headphone socket with no luck. Looking like Vista is a waste of time and could be going back to WXP.

27.04.2007, 20:01
I have a similar problem.

You can solve the problem in one of two ways, and I list them in the order I would recommend you try them:

1. Disable Driver Enhancements for your device.

Through control panel, double click on sound. You should receive a prompt asking you if you want to disable Driver Enhancements. Click yes. Restart. Done.

If this doesnt work, try

2. Install vista drivers direct from Realtek.

Realtek has new drivers available for High Def Audio. They can be found at:

Click on High Definition Audio Codecs

Select under windows, Vista Driver (32/64 bits) Driver only (ZIP file) and select one of the mirrors and download the file (Warning: Takes a long time!)

Under control panel, through device manager, uninstall your realtek audio device.


When Vista detects the new device, just click cancel.

Open the Zip file, find Setup.exe and install. Done.

Yep. Done!

Good luck and let me know how you get on.


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30.05.2007, 22:04
I have tried all you suggest for my Satellite Pro A120 PSAC1E. I have downloaded and tried the Vista drivers from Realtek and Toshiba followed your advice still there is no sound. Is any other drivers I should try. I know the correct drivers are installed as the driver name changes in the device listing.

10.08.2007, 15:07
i have the same problem on my satellite pro. i have tried all drivers but no sound output. anybody has another idea or this model was not made to work with vista ?

26.08.2007, 16:49
I have had the same problems with my Satellite Pro A120.

After lots of frustration, I managed to get the sound to work.

First update to the latest driver:


Next run some mute-off software I found on Toshiba USA site:

[Sound Utility to Turn Mute Off |http://support.toshiba.com/support/viewContentDetail?contentId=1671893&pf=true]

This has worked for me.

Hope it helps!