View Full Version : Portege 3440: ntoskrnl.exe file must be replaced - How to boot without external drive

20.04.2007, 00:14

My 3440 has developed a problem, I think a corruption of boot.ini as it is asking for the ntoskrnl.exe file to be replaced on boot. The problem is that I don't have an external drive to boot it from. When I press F2 it gives me a list of devices, none of which it will boot from. I don't have the external CD drive for it and it won't work from a USB floppy drive.

Is it impossible for me to fix this without the external port replicator or cd drive?

thanks in advance


20.04.2007, 12:57

Unfortunately, without the access to the Windows CD you will be not able to fix it.

The file ntoskrnl.exe is placed on the original Windows CD in the i386 folder.
You could boot from the Win CD start the repair console by pressing the R
In the repair console you could use this command:

expand D:\i386\ntoskrnl.ex_C:\windows\ntoskrnl.exe
(D means the CD drive)

But as said above… seems you will need the CD drive…

But wait… if the folder i386 was installed on you HDD you could expand the ntoskrnl.exe from this folder to C:\windows\