View Full Version : Portege 3110CT: How to install the Win XP or Win 2000?

18.04.2007, 00:12
I have old Portege 3110CT. Additionally I have floppy drive (which works fine) and CD-ROM F-TO-TCD-24L (PCMCI).
What I was going to do was to install Windows 2000. There is no posibility to boot install CD so I created start disks (x4).
After 4th disk booted I found the message that system is unable to find CDROM drive...

So I am asking you is there any way to install Windows 2000 or XP on that hardware ?
I wonder how?

18.04.2007, 20:08
yes, it is possible to install w2000 ( I won't advise to install XP, it will run too slow on a 3110 )
You need the proper drivers for your pcmcia-CD-drive and copy them to a dos-bootdisk
start-up with the bootdisk and go to your CD-drive with the W2000-CD in it
then type cd\i386 and start winnt.exe in that directory, it will install W2000 without problems.
because the DOS-envirement won't recognize a NTFS-partition, your harddisk must be formatted fat32.

in this earlier discussion you will find all the information you need about dos-diskettes, CD-drivers etc.... : http://forums.computers.toshiba-europe.com/forums/thread.jspa?threadID=19232&messageID=70382