View Full Version : Satelite Pro 4360 Ram Upgrades

17.04.2007, 10:18
Hello this is my first posting

I have a Satelite pro 4360 with 256 meg of ram can i upgrade to at least 512 i have 1 spare ram slot if so what is the ram details i need ie 144 pin etc

Many thanks

17.04.2007, 11:26

The Satellite Pro 4360 was delivered with the 64MB internal memory and this memory in not removable.
As you already said, there is only one slot which is upgradeable.

Anyway... it seems that itís not possible to upgrade the memory up to 512MB.
You can upgrade the memory to 320MB (64MB internal memory + 256MB external memory). This is a limit.

I found a very useful page which confirms this info:

PS: I have forgotten to say that the notebook supports 144-Pin PC100 SODIMM