View Full Version : Satellite Pro A120 - cooling fan runs constantly

16.04.2007, 18:18

Purchased a Sattelite pro A120 'Intel centrino duo' in January and for the past couple of weeks, the fan has been running constantly. Even when the laptop OS cold, it runs full but even just word processing or standby makes it run very hot. I need to access the fan to have a look for dust etc but I have been unable to get to it!

If anyone knows how to that would be great. Either that or can anyone suggest any way to stop the laptop getting so hot. I have tried it on low power mode- no change and also running it on different surfaces but no change.

Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks,
Dougie Freedman

16.04.2007, 21:01
Hello Dougie

In my opinion you should not do much and check anything because your notebook is new and under warranty. If something is suspicious for you please contact your local dealer or much better is to contact authorized service directly.

Explain them the situation and let them check your notebook.

18.04.2007, 13:36
I totally agree with silas,any problems should be directed to toshiba,any attempt to open etc will invalidate your warranty,unless there is a buildup of fluff/dust on or around the exhaust holes on the lappy,now thats classed as maintenance,onus is on owner to make sure its clean otherwise yes you guessed it warranty void.