View Full Version : Satellite Pro A100-81: Memory Pro Duo card is stuck in the Cardreader

14.04.2007, 19:47
I am a proud owner of a Satellite Pro A100-81. I inserted a Memstick Pro Duo into the cardreader slot...

The card slided too deep into the slot so that I unfortunately cannot remove the card anymore.
Any ideas how to remove the card?

15.04.2007, 16:51
hi gorbita,

me too...proud owner of A100-813...same thing happened to me...Alhamdulillah i had one memory stick adapter...i inserted the backside of the adapter and fortunately the stuck memory card get into it and Alhamdulillah i removed it safely...do not put anything hard...otherwise it will damage the slot...go to toshiba service center for help...ask the toshiba professional how to use that slot for me also?

best of luck!

19.04.2007, 15:47
Hi Gary

Are you sure the notebook’s card reader supports the Memory stick Pro Duo???
It’s unusual that supported card will slide to deep into the slot… something like could happen if the card is not supported and not compatible with the slot…

However, you shouldn’t do anything on the hard way… if you don’t know how to remove it ask someone for the help with more notebook experience…

28.04.2007, 21:28
Typed 'memory duo stuck' on Live search and surprised just how many other people this has happened to. And also found the solution is quite simple; I am working in Slovakia do not speak a word of the language and dreaded the thought of additional cost having just bought my laptop.

Using a Memory Stick Duo adapter pushed backwards into the slot worked for me. It takes a few attempts but the card eventually gets close enough to the opening so you can pull it out. The adapter casing is plastic and so did no harm to any of the delicate internals of the drive which works well.

Always use the adapter with the Memory Stick Duo card! Incidentally while lost pushed deep into the slot I could still access files on my card - just sharing. Let us know how you get on with this... or visit your local dealer.