View Full Version : Slow shutdown/cooling fan switches quite frequently on Satellite Pro A60

13.04.2007, 12:32
I own a Satellite Pro A60 with 512 MB of RAM. I observe that the cooling fan of the CPU switches on quite frequently even if I'm not using the PC and no application is running except from some service (like antivurs).
I also observ that the shutdown phase is quite slow (some minutes). I don't know if it is related to the overheating prblem.

Anyone has some suggestion?

Thanks in advance

13.04.2007, 12:50
Hello Marco

It is not possible to give you any precise ‘diagnostic’ but check please all background running processes. Maybe many of them are useless but force CPU activity and because of that CPU must be cooled.

Obviously shut down phase needs a lot of time to stop all those running processes. Check a little bit all those activities and disable ‘Windows startup’ for all processes you do not need.

13.04.2007, 18:24
Thank you Pedro. Looking at the running services list I recognize some of them and I can decide if they are useful or not. But for many of them I don't know their function, neither I'm sure that they are necessary for the OS to work.

If I check the CPU usage with Task Manager, It seems that it's around some percent (2-3%) so I presume (but maybe I'm wrong) that the CPU isn't too loaded.
Of course I've checked the absence of viruses.

Thanks again