View Full Version : Question about Sat Pro A60 fan usage

03.02.2005, 12:37

I'm planning to get a Satellite Pro A60 and was wondering how much the fan comes on.

Could anyone comment on whether the fan comes on when the machine is totally idle, and how much it comes on when the machine is being used for word processing and surfing the web?

Eg when using normally does the fan come on 1/10th of the time, or 1/2 the time etc?

Thanks in advance,

04.02.2005, 12:38

Sorry I can not give you precise info about cooling fan. A60 is known to me. It is a very nice notebook. Cooling vent is on back side I am a pretty sure that there is no much background noise.

If you make decision to buy it, look to it that HDD capacity is high enough and that DVD-ROM can burn lot of different formats (DVD Super Multi drive).

Have a lot of fun with it.

07.02.2005, 18:45
Hi Sandros,

Thanks for the reply. I was asking on behalf of my father who I have advised to get one!

Thanks again,