View Full Version : Tecra 8000 startup problem

03.02.2005, 01:26

I`m new to this forum and i hope its going to be some help. ive had my toshiba note book for about three years and i think its great. it stoped working about 4 months ago and i was just gonna bin it but i thought that would be a waste. anyways i thought i would give it go to see if i could fix it or is it worth fixing.

The problem is when i start up the note book it stays on the 'in touch with tomorrow toshiba' screen and doesnt do anything else. I cant access the bios it wont do anything. please has anyone got any idears to what is wrong if so please reply.

I don`t really want to dump it and if i could get it fixed at a fair price hopefully it will keep going for another three years.
Thank again and any help would be great

03.02.2005, 12:53

It is not easy to say what the problem is, but in my opinion it can be hardware defect. Did you built in any hardware components like new HDD or RAM memory?

If you are so satisfied with your Tecra you can contact Service Partner. They can check and detect if there is some hardware part defect.

08.02.2005, 16:58
I hope you get an answer cos I have exactly the same problem with my Tecra M2, the only way the laptop will boot is to hit any key then enter or to CTRL/ALT/DEL then it will go into the windows startup. I have upgraded the Bios from the website but that has made no difference.

20.05.2005, 15:41

In my opinion you should try to reinstall OS. Check if there is any possibility to boot from CD device.

The strange is that you can not enter BIOS settings. It is possible that there is some serious hardware malfunction. The last solution is to contact Service partner.