View Full Version : Linux installation on the Qosmio F30

09.04.2007, 13:56
Has any one been able to install Linux on the Qosmio F30 117? I've tried a few distro but all failed to install. I would love to try Suse 10.2.

Help please.

13.04.2007, 21:28
Hello Piker

Obviously you need RAID driver for OS installation. Please check this Linux section and you will find a lot of topics with discussion how to install Linux on Qosmio notebooks.

13.04.2007, 23:02
Thank you Joao you pointed me in the right direction. I think my problem was because my second drive was not configured as raid 0 but as jaob or somthing. I'll let you know how I get on.


04.05.2007, 23:15
Maybe we can help eachother: I am considering to buy Qosmio F30 for a Personal Video Recorder. But I need to make sure it works with MythTV. Can I ask you to download the KnoppMyth CD and boot from that and see if it can access the tuner?

You can find the ISO here ftp://ftp.knoppmyth.net/R5/R5E50 or from one of the mirrors http://mysettopbox.tv/knoppmyth.html

04.06.2007, 08:57
May I ask you, have you bought Qosmio F30? You advised me in other thread a month ago to try KnoppMyth LIVE CD. I hope I can try it on my Qosmio G30 this week and IŽll post here my experience. (sorry for my English)