View Full Version : Portege 7140 +CPU?

01.02.2005, 20:58
Hi, what type of socket does 7140 have?, BGA or PGA?..

And if its PGA how fast CPU can i put in ?, thinking about 1GHz if that is posible. Btw how does the 7140 handles Linux ?

02.02.2005, 13:10

Sorry but I am not sure that someone on this forum can give you information about that. This is very sensible question and you must search for someone who is qualified for this kind of issue.

In my opinion you should contact Toshiba Service Partner.

02.02.2005, 21:23
Where can i contact them ?, and btw is there no one on this forum that has an 7140 and just look at the CPU if its a BGA och PGA, take like 5minutes

03.02.2005, 12:31

the easiest way to check it out is contacting a Toshiba Service Partner in your country.

Go to
https://eu.computers.toshiba-europe.com - Support & Download - Find an authorized Service Partner.

There are all Service Partners across Europe.