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01.02.2005, 15:24

I've just got hold of a 2nd hand sat 4200 pro laptop which still has the standard 64mb memory in it. I want to upgrade this but I am not sure what memory type it has. I've seen some 256MB PC133 SO-DIMM LAPTOP MEMORY for sale near me but I think the laptop may be PC100. Can I still get the PC133 and fit it or will it not work? I know I may not get full performance out of the ram but I'm not bothered about that s'long as it works.

Thanks for your time.


01.02.2005, 16:24

There are 2 RAM slots Available. It is possible to use 320MB Max. You need SDRAM. As far as I know there are 64 MB RAM available and it is not removable.

You can build in 1X 265 MB RAM module and use maximum of Memory.

01.02.2005, 21:02
Thanks for that, but it was more on the memory speed I am concerned. I want to buy 128mb for the laptop but I can only get PC133 near me. Can I fit PC133 in this machine?

Also, are all laptop memory sticks the same? Apart from DDR and SDRAM of course. I mean, can I fit any SDRAM laptop chips?

02.02.2005, 11:14
Hi again,

Memory sticks are not the same. You can buy 128 MB PC 133 memory expansions. It will be work without problems.

Good luck!