View Full Version : Qosmio E10 is slow and HDD constantly makes noise

03.04.2007, 07:26
Hi people

i also have a toshiba qosmio e10 notebook. I have been having problems with it aswell lately.

First it started of by a slow start up, and then at one time i started gettin error messeges.
When i called the toshiba helpline was advised to do a disk check. I did that and the problem is still occuring.

Now also the hard disk constantly makes noise, though once the computer had loaded up properly its usually fine its just during start up. Has one experiance thing similar?
Whats the best thing to do?

I am considering replacin the hard disk.
All help will be appreciated. thanx

03.04.2007, 10:11

The disk (HDD) check will not solve any problems but this tool report some errors and problems with the HDD.
You description sounds like an HDD malfunction.
Maybe itís a beginning of the end!

Several months ago I have noticed something similar on my notebook.
Two days after my 3 years old HDD was dead. It was simply head crash.

Take my advice and backup your data

04.04.2007, 00:18
hi there, thanx for ur help on this, do u think i should replace the hard disk?
I have bought the product from toshiba and 2 years down the line the hard disk has gone.

05.04.2007, 13:06

Well, you can wait till it has died ;) or you will replace it beforeÖ itís your choiceÖ
Itís nothing unusual that the HDD could die after about 2 years.
The HDD life time depends on the HDD usage.