View Full Version : Satellite M30 961 modem Connection problem

31.01.2005, 20:28

I'm battling to connect with the modem on all phone lines. Some lines work and others drop right after the handshaking.

Please help


01.02.2005, 12:05

Sorry but I can not understand what you mean under “all phone lines”. Can you please be more precise about it? Do you have more different dial-up connections (different accounts, ISP`s)?

Do you use it at home and at work? In which case there is no connection?

If you write just one sentence without any explanation there is no chance to help you.

By the way here is a short modem standard installation manual:

1. Check if the modem is entered in the Device manager
2. Check if the modem is configured and does it work?
The control panel have to be opened and go to Phone
and modem options. There your modem should be shown!
If it isn't shown you then you have to install the
modem driver.
3. Double-click on modem and go to diagnostics. The
button Query modem queries the AT-commands with
check back signal. This give you some further information
the modem works properly.
4. Then configure a standard dial-up connection to your
5. Go to the modem properties (device manager) and the
tick mark at "wait for dial tone before dialling" has NOT
been setted!!!

06.06.2005, 09:47
Hi jaco

First of all try to check your modem. Go to Toshiba software modem properties and under DIAGNOSTICS check t with “Query modem. If there is everything OK the next step is to check the telephone cable for damages or loss connection.