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31.01.2005, 17:51
Hey, i have a 2 year old Toshiba SP6100, which just started to act a little weird.
I had it on locked for about 3 hours, when i came back, i tried to log in and it froze. I heard a buzzing noise for about a split second, and it went away.
When i turned it off (hard) it didnt want to start up again. I managed to get it working again (removed the battery, and hooked up power etc), and the CMOS was reset (time & date we're gone). The warrantytime has already expired, so there's no use in returning it.
Is there anyway i could fix it myself?
Anyone know what could be broken?

I already searched and found a simmiliar topic.

Thanx in advance.

02.02.2005, 12:54
Hi Georg

Sorry but it seems to be some serious problem. I am not sure that there is some possibility to fix it alone.

Contact Service partner and ask what it can be and if there is some hardware problem they can give you information about costs.

07.02.2005, 14:37
Thanx for replying Quad.

Yes i have contacted a TASC (Toshiba Authorized Service Center), and they said it is probably a heating problem. With the computer overheating, and resetting the CMOS while doing that.
Thing is i don't really have too much budget at the moment, and they're going rate for an hour of work is €80, and the inspection costs are €40.
The laptop isnt mine, but since it broke during my watch, i feel responsible.

I'll try to see if i can squeeze it into the budget then ;)

08.02.2005, 15:48
Okey, here's something weird.
When i rang the TASC yesterday, they said it might be a heating problem. I had already thought this over, and many people had told me this could be true. So i went to sit outside (4 degrees Celcius) and tried installing Windows 2000 (original OS). Since it doesn't have a floppy drive, i put in a CD-rom with a bootdisk on it (Win98SE), and i formatted C:. When formatted, i put in the Windows 2000 CD, browsed to it (i386/winnt.exe) and i ran it. When it was done copying files, it asked to reboot and it did. Weird thing was, when it loaded up, it said Windows XP (SP2, since it didnt say Professional or Home). This already bugged me. Then when it wanted to go into the windows screen it said something like "There are too little systemresources to API blablabla".. it reboots within a second of that screen.. sorry for my horrible translation btw. The CD i used is REALLY Windows 2000, i've installed many PCs with it.. so im curious..

How can this be?
Its not booting off D: (no OS there), and there's only a Win2k CD in it, nothing XPish.
Help me out please.

22.02.2005, 20:39

I own the same notebook (SP6100) and unfortunally I also do have problems with it. Sometime it freezes or just burst out. Then the notebook won't start up again, and just like Ge0rgiie, after trying hooking up the power and battery for a few times it starts again. Also my CMOS is reset or cleared everytime this happens.

I do not think it has to do with the heat because sometimes it happens just after booting windows, and sometimes the notebook runs for hours without problems.

I think my warranty is also expired (is there any way to check?) so after another freeze I took my screwdriver and removed the keyboard.

I did some weird discovery's:
- Below the P4 CPU there is a rised print card with the graphic chip (I think); the whole print was a bit lossy and could move so I pressed it with a little pressure towards the mainboard and seemed to click back on the board. I reconnected the keyboard, plugged in the power and turned the notebook back on, voila: It worked!

- Of course it could be coïncidence so I decided to keep the laptop running and find the weak component and pushed at some surfaces with not to much pressure. At one point the notebook burst out. After some retry's I found that it is exactly the same (pressed) point where the notebook freezes or burst out: Right below the little mouse pointer on the keyboard! That is on the lower left side of the rised graphic chip board.

The last thing could explain why the notebook keeps running for hours when nobody works on it...

I really think there something wrong with the rised graphic chip/board. Maybe the connector doesn't fit well and may separate from the mainboard. Are there ways to repair this?

I herd that a lot of students on a High School in the Netherlands (where I come from, that explaines my English...) had exactly the same problems with these notebooks. Is this true?

I hope a Toshiba professional or engineer can answer the questions.

Thanks in even more advance.

Edit: After another burst out the notebook didn't start again, not even after hooking up the power and battery for a few times... I tryed to bend the the notebook a little by pushing the surface below the mouse buttons down and pulling both left and right side up. After I installed the battery and pushing the 'power on' button the notebook directly booted up working correctly.

There's really something wrong with one of the components around or on the graphic board.

Please help!

Edit: See 'Edit' section

28.02.2005, 18:08
I think i`ll just have to take a look at the graphics card then..

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01.03.2005, 17:18
Hey, if anyone has anymore information, please contact me at ge0rgiie@hotmail.com - Dutch people can also add me to MSN.

12.03.2005, 12:05
I to have a SP6100 which has just started to freeze on me.
Ever since it was new, it has always taken a long time to charge up, but looses charge very quickly. This I can live with, but the freeze up is a pain.
When I switch off by holding down the ON/OFF key and then switching on it shows this message:

****BAD RTC Battery****
****Bad check sum (CMOS)****
Check system. Then press [F1] key

Can anyone explain what all this means, PLEASE!

20.04.2005, 20:28
dear cawdor,
i think necessity is the mother of inventions. i did not thought it would be this helpful till when i finally register.
my notebook, the sp6100 also gives me exactly similar message when i finally forced it to boot-up. this has been very persistent recently.Even with the expiry of our various waranties, i think TOSHIBA owe us an explanation.nobody is asking nothing other than that.i am beginning to think that this problem is a manufacture error from the on-set.let's demand for this explanation even if it's not going to solve our problems.Let TOSHIBA offer whatever technical rudiments it deems fit.Industry analysts , i believe are watching it with deep interest.

i strongly commiserate with other fellows with these ailing pallys of a machine.


20.04.2005, 21:29
Hi guys

I can really don’t understand that you discus here for a long time about this issue. One call to service partner and they can explain you what the problem is.

Anyway, as far as I know this message occurs if there is problem with BIOS battery and I suspect that CMOS battery may need replacing. In my opinion you should contact service partner and they can fix it.