View Full Version : Satellite U200-115: How to attach the key back to the keyboard

31.03.2007, 21:54
Hello there.

I recently bought a Satellite U200-115 and have a quick question. I was typing earlier today and i accidently knocked one of the keys out of its position. I have subsequently spent the last 3 hours trying to attach it back to the laptop.

I was just wondering if the mechanism for how the keys are placed onto the base of the keyboard, has a particular special technique to be applied back onto the keyboard?

The key is broken down into three parts and it does not look like i have broken any of these parts but im having trouble attatching it back. I would be grateful for any help you are able to provide.


05.04.2007, 15:06

As far as I know there is no special technique. You must simply press plastic key down. It will make ‘click’ and the key will be placed as before.

05.04.2007, 15:10

I wonder how you have managed this… anyway if the keypad is not broken a simply pressing down should help you…