View Full Version : Black Screen at boot with a Satellite U200-115

31.03.2007, 12:36
I have a U200-115, I downloaded a BIOS upgrade from toshiba and installed it according to their instructions. Since the upgrade my laptop won't boot, All I get is a black sreen with a beeping sound and an orange light flashing.

Any Ideas ?

31.03.2007, 17:44
your bios upgrade failed. your only hope is to contact toshiba and have it serviced. there are some bios recovery options you can try. google "toshiba bios recovery" or "toshiba failed bios flash" and see what you can find, otherwise contact toshiba.

02.04.2007, 01:29
Thanks for the input, Do u know anywhere I can get any schematics (Blueprints) for the motherboards used in Toshiba laptops ?

02.04.2007, 16:21
The U200 is a new notebook. Don’t think you will find any schematics for the motherboard. But why do you need them????

As said above the BIOS flashing failed and you have to contact the ASP in your country. If you area lucky man the motherboard must be not changed but the BIOS ROM chip flashed again…. So don't hesitate to ask the guys for the help!!