View Full Version : Tecra 9100: After USB DVB-T installation no sound could be heard

29.03.2007, 16:40
I tried to install an USB DVB-T stick. After this no sound could be heard. When I did so on my PC, I could repair this by getting the sound card out and put it in again. Is there any option to do so with my Tecra 9100?

All sound drivers are reported as ok. The item "Geraetestatus" is reported as ok.
But the item "Geraeteverwendung" is not available = grey. (I don't know an english word for that).

30.03.2007, 17:19

No, on the notebooks you cannot remove the sound card physically…
But you can try to remove (uninstall) the sound card from the device manager!!!

After new reboot the OS should recognize the card again and you could reinstall the new version (if available) of the sound driver!!

Try your luck ;)