View Full Version : Tecra 8200 wont boot - Frezzes on WIN XP boot screen

28.03.2007, 17:40

my 8200 wont boot. It runs for about 10 seconds (gets past the toshiba screen then onto the winxp boot screen and freezes.
Just before it does the screen flickers but then locks up.
any ideas???

28.03.2007, 18:56
Has the laptop worked OK before? If so, what (if anything) has changed since the last time you used it?

Try booting in Safe mode and see if you get to the Desktop. Need to identify if the problem is hardware or software related.

Lots of ways to progress from here and I'm sure others can advise. My initial thought it is some sort of graphics problem - either hardware or driver problem.

28.03.2007, 19:57

How about new installation of the Windows XP OS on the notebook??
Is it possible to install the new OS???
If it’s not possible and the installation setup fails then I assume it’s a hardware problem.
Maybe something wrong with the RAM, HDD or as suggested above with graphic card… impossible is nothing…