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Sile C.
30.01.2005, 21:04
Hi All,

{Apolgies from the outset...this posting became rather long...)

I've got a Qosmio G10 and share the problem many seem to have with Toshiba's version of Win DVD software: I can't capture video either througn windows or Media Center using installed WinDVD software. I followed advice of forum users and have tried both Showbiz DVD and a freshly downloded version of WinDVD and have made some progress in that I can now see the captured image. However, I am getting no sound.

I have tried the following set-up: the Qosmio is attached to VCR via S-video cable. In attempt to acquire sound (and perhaps this is where I am going wrong) I ran normal RCA cable with white and red jacks out from VCR and (via adapter to convert to one jack) into Microphone jack on laptop. No sound, so I tried headphone jack instead. Within Showbiz DVD I tried multiple Audio Options with boths jacks, including the Microphone and Line-In options. No sound. Having failed here, I tried capturing video using Monitor-In port instead of S-video. Again, with said software, I could see captured image but no sound. I also made sure my line-in volume setting was not set to 'Mute'. (I have tried capturing with s-video on my desktop with success using same cabling, although the video card and software is different.)

Any advice? Especially from those of you who have had success with Showbiz or WinDVD using S-video set-up? Am I right to assume that on the Qosmio, the Microphone jack doubles as Line-In jack, and headphone jack doubles as Line-Out jack? I can play a DVD on laptop, and port out sound and image to TV. Is it possible that the Qosmio soundcard is not able to port in sound? Is it because I am not going through the TV Tuner somehow? What is the TV Tuner's relationship to sound and the whole Qosmio capture/entertainment set-up? I've tried all this from both Windows and Media Center.

Advice from fellow Qosmio users deinitely appreciated.

I like this laptop but I am very unhappy with Toshiba with respect to the fact that the Qosmio is pitched so heavily as an entertainment center and yet has so many problems associated with these very functions (and charges much moe on the "strength" of them). Beyond WindDVD software not working (and being strangely different then the apparently same version available on WinDVD site)I have had troubles with TV Tuner, among other things.

Again, help is heartily appreciated.


02.02.2005, 15:51
Hi sile

Look on this topic http://forums.computers.toshiba-europe.com/forums/thread.jspa?threadID=2193

Can this help you to acquire TV?

Sile C.
02.02.2005, 19:16

Thx for your suggestion, will give it a try when I get home. But it's sound that is my main problem now as I have succeeded in capturing the video with Showbiz DVD and WinDVD Creator 2. But I can't get sound along with the image capture. Anyone know how the sound (cables, etc.) should be setup on the Qosmio when capturing video through a VCR?


02.02.2005, 23:46
to capture video with sound you can use the video composte cable red white and yellow or use s-video and line in

08.03.2005, 12:21

I do have the same Problem with my F10

I can capture TV with sound, but not either S-Video or FBAS with sound. In ShowBiz I can see, that recording TV I can choose Audio from the built in capture device - no other soudn device. Recording either S-Video or FBAS I can not choose ANY audio recording device. But if I want to record audio, I CAN choose an audio device other than the built in TV-capturing device - namely the audio device.

It seems that trying to capture video via the built in cpturing device, you HAVE TO capture audio from the SAME device - and that using the S-Video or FBAS Input there is no Audio there - and so capturing video from anything else than TV is not possible to combine with audio capturing from an other source.

The only chance is to capture video and audio seperate (one after the other) and mix them together in WinDVD Creator or Showbiz -

Thanx a lot,

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