View Full Version : Some function keys do not work on Portege R200/PPR21E

27.03.2007, 15:29

Fn+Esc, Fn+F2, Fn+F6, Fn+F7 and maybe others produce no effects on my Portege (Windows XP French version).
I've tried with and without Toshiba PowerSaver running.
What should I do to be able to change my screen brightness manually, independently on options defined in PowerSawer ?
Thanks for your help

27.03.2007, 15:55

You will solve this problem in simple way using OS from the Toshiba recovery CD.
This would help to get the whole FN key functions back…

But I think the Recovery C would be last resort… am I right??? ;)
So therefore you could simply try to reinstall the common modules, hot keys and power saver…

Good luck buddy

28.03.2007, 11:09
Hi, Jeffrey,

Thanks for your prompt response.
I could not try to apply your advice before - sorry for delay.
I am not an expert user but I tried to use Toshiba Recovery Utility sell with my Laptop.
As I can not erase my C disk, I have chosen "Local" - Check - Image File" options.
If I understand well, this operation recopied .dll and others system files from CD to C:
But that did not change anything in access to Fn keys.

Could you give me some more detailed advises to reinstall the common modules, hot keys and power saver without erasing my data and other programs from Portege, please ?



28.03.2007, 14:52

As I understand your notebook does not support an internal CD/DVD drive and therefore you will need to use the external compatible drive to boot from the recovery CD and to install the OS on the notebook. But as mentioned, this procedure will erase the whole HDD or partition.

>Could you give me some more detailed advises to reinstall the common modules, hot keys and power
>saver without erasing my data

All this application could be found on the Toshiba driver page. You have to download it and install on the system!!! It’s simply.
But before you will install these tools you should remove the old applications from the OS. This can be done in the control panel -> Add and remove programs.
Ohh… the common modules cannot be removed and therefore reinstall the downloaded common modules simply…

28.03.2007, 16:12
Hello, Jeffrey,

I have just reinstalled common modules and my Fn keys work ! Now I can simply change my screen brightness and put on or off the sound from the keyboard.
Then I will not touch other modules (whenever you do not see any special interest to do it ?)

Thank you very much for your three stars solution :-)

I can work on meetings even in sunny rooms now !



28.03.2007, 16:16
Glad I could help…. Thanks for the feedback… reward points???

28.03.2007, 16:16
Just done