View Full Version : Processor Upgrade on Tecra 8100

26.03.2007, 22:43
Does anyone know whether it is possible to use a pentium 4 processor in a Tecra 8100? Are there any that will fit the connector and will the motherboard be able to cope?

27.03.2007, 16:10

Don’t think that you will be able to upgrade the unit with a Pentium 4 CPU.
The computer is equipped with an Intel?Mobile Pentium?III Processor and it has three operating speeds as follows:
• 450 MHz
• 500 MHz

It seems this is a limit.

28.03.2007, 01:24
Thanks for the response but I don't think that's correct. I've currently got three Tecra 8100s, a 500mhz, 650mhz and 750mhz. As far as I know the series is officially listed as going up to 800mhz although I have seen some advertised as running at 850mhz. All I'm interested in is whether in order to get a faster processor I will have to junk all of my notebooks or whether it's possible to replace the processor with a pentium 4.

28.03.2007, 19:02
I've never heard of anyone fitting a P4 to a Tecra 8100. Even if it were possible I'd doubt it would be cost effective for this model.

If getting a P4 machine is important, why not upgrade to a Tecra 9100? These can be picked up for a reasonable price on that favourite on-line auction site.

29.03.2007, 01:49
Point taken about the 9100. Buying one would probably be cost effective but I'm using three 8100s at the moment running Cubase VST 5.1r for recording music; one for live analogue sources, one for digital etc so I'm trying to avoid having to buy three new notebooks.

The reason for trying to upgrade the processors is that my external soundcards are slowing things down a bit.